Tuesday, July 31

Soldiering On

Sadly, it seems anything that could go wrong with my recovery has gone wrong. What I hoped was just a simple sprain has turned into yet another nightmare. It seems in attempting to heal me, my body has decided to grow a cyst. This cyst has not responded to normal treatment, so yet again I am facing surgery on one of my hands.

All it is not lost for you, gentle reader. Through the auspices of an unnamed benefactor (codename: Dad) I now have voice recognition software that should assist me with my writing. It will take some time to train, but I hope to quickly move beyond that frustration and to resume regular posting. Based on what it is filling in here the adjustment may be a while.

1 comment:

Ian said...

Jesus, that's awful. Best of luck withe the future recovery, in any case. I do owe you an email or two, I'll try to get back on track soon.