Tuesday, June 5

Songs for June Fifth

The following songs have a time of 6:05 in my iTunes library:

"Lonesome Day Blues" - Bob Dylan
"Atrocity Exhibition" - Joy Division
"Show Biz Kids" - Steely Dan
"House Taken Over" - The Hummingbirds
"Dry The Rain" - The Beta Band
"Emotional Weather Report" - Tom Waits
"You Don't Know What Love Is" - Cassandra Wilson
"Kya Jane Yeh Duniya Kya Jan" - Amit Kumar & Sulahshana Pandit
"Holiday On The Moon" - Love & Rockets
"Always Keep A Diamond In Your Mind" - Tom Waits & The Kronos Quartet
"Les Fleur" - 4Hero
"One Two Three Baby" - Asha Boshle & Mahendra Kapoor
"Dono Ke Vichkar Lagta" - Asha Boshle
"Zoom And Bored" - Carl Stalling and the Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra
"Fishnet" - Morris Day
"Archie & Veronica" - Lovage

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