Friday, June 29

Let Yourself Go

"Ghost Of A Dog" - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians (from Ghost Of A Dog)
"When Will They Shoot?" - Ice Cube (from Predator)
"The Jean Genie" - David Bowie (from Aladdin Sane)
"Blockbuster!" - Sweet (from Sweet's Greatest Hits)
"Cast A Shadow" - Yo La Tengo (from Genius + Love =Yo La Tengo)
"Always On My Mind" - Pet Shop Boys (from Discography)
"Superfreaky Memories" - Luna (from The Days Of Our Nights)

Intro & Outro: "Easy Snappin" - Theophilus Beckford (from Trojan Battlefield)

1 comment:

Alex in NYC said...

Dude -- really! Edie Brickell?