Monday, May 21

Steve & Eydie & Chris & Kim & Ben & Matt

I missed this when it came out in 1997. Since the "blogosphere" was less than nascent in those halcyon days of AOL and the Well, we didn't get this on every two-bit space like the one you're reading. Praise be to bandwidth, and check out Steve & Eydie singing "Black Hole Sun". It is just slightly worse than you would imagine. Paul Anka and Peter Frampton both failed to eviscerate Soundgarden as completely and totally as Steve & Eydie, though Frampton certainly tried his best, soulless "talk box" and all.

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raincoaster said...


The golden throats that have charmed Vegas since roughly the early sixteenth century apparently failed to thrill you. How can such things be? Eydie's even a fellow blogger!