Wednesday, May 9

The Robyn Hitchcock Song Project

By popular non-demand, I've decided to start another blog I can update haphazardly. It is my version of the latest thing - take an artist and write something about each and every song they've released. Since the first music blog I had was called The Devil's Radio, I almost had to share my obsession with Dr. Sticky himself. It was destiny.

So check out I Got A Message For You. I'll try to keep on top of it; just getting through 400-odd songs is gonna take a while, no matter how committed I am.


Alex in NYC said...

Sweet Holy Crap -- this is inspired!!!

Looking forward to "Sleeping With Your Devil Mask" and "Let There Be More Darkness"

Erik said...

I hope my inspiration carries me through the next year and more. I just was skimming through the albums and there is just so much quality stuff. Very daunting.

The two tracks you mention are favorites. I saw you gave Invisible Hitchcock its proper due on ILM - what an incredible collection of odds 'n' sods. But even at his worst (say, the bleedin' saxophones all over his early 80s stuff), he comes up with "52 Stations" or "Midnight Fish".

So much to talk about. This should be fun!