Tuesday, April 3

In Perpetuatuaty

Matthew Perpetua, well known for his Fluxblog and his poptastic sensibilities, has started an interesting project called Pop Songs 07. His goal is to write about every R.E.M. track from every album, as well as select non-album singles. I think this is interesting, in fact moreso than Fluxblog itself. So far he's mixed analysis with personal anecdotes, and even commented on current context in regards to "Radio Song". It's nice to see Matthew reflect a bit, as his general style comes across as somewhat "Hipster forecasting" – the next is now!, until tomorrow's next is now!, and so on and so forth. In truth, I still have the Fluxblog link more because Matthew was one of the people to involve himself with my writing at prior blogs (along with Thomas of Oh, Manchester and Paul, currently active again at Hallmonitor; all their links are in the sidebar) than for his current content. My tastes and his rarely intersect these days.

It is an interesting idea - obsessively commenting on one artist's oeuvre. I'll keep track of Matthew's progress, if only to learn a bit more about him and R.E.M.'s catalog, which is one I've only dipped my toes in now and again. Who knows - if people clamber for it, I could give it a shot with Robyn Hitchcock's vast spotty mess of recorded history.

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