Wednesday, March 7

Slow Bus Moving

Hey loyal reader(s), things will be slow here for a bit; took a fall last week and did some damage to my wrist. Typing is between slow and painful, so the long exegeses I've been disgorging lately will be curtailed. I hope to have some shorter, pithy little bits to carry this blog while I heal.

In that spirit, I'm going to point out a few Youtube clips from the short-lived Brazilian band Secos & Molhados. I don't want to torment those uninterested readers with embeds, as I'm not commenting – just love the band, and these three clips give a glimpse of the madness they embodied back in the early 70s.

Rosa de Hiroshima, live in 1973

Sangue Latino & O Vira, TV lip-sync 1973

Amor, lip-sync on TV in 1974

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