Wednesday, March 21

Headed For The Light

The music news of the day most likely to be greeted with eye-rolling and WTFs from my meager readership, but that lit up my eyes like a Nintendo 64, is that my beloved Wilbury's are traveling back into print. According to Billboard, not only are they re-emerging, but with bells, whistles, garlands and a prom dress from 1958:
"Traveling Wilburys Volume 1" and "Traveling Wilburys Volume 3" will be available together in one package with bonus tracks and a DVD of rare footage, as a deluxe linen-bound edition, a vinyl set and a digital bundle. The DVD boasts a 24-minute documentary and five music videos.

Now I remember Vol. 3 as a big steamy pile, but to get Vol. 1 with bonus tracks (including the never officially released Dylan song "Like A Ship") and those ass-tastick videos they made just makes me giddy. I wrote about Vol. 1 back in the day, and I see no possible way to better encapsulate my feelings than to raid my own, sad, dilapidated archive.

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