Monday, January 8

Diamond Dog

Today is David Bowie's sixtieth birthday, and I haven't heard of any scheduled celebration like his all-star Madison Square Garden's fiftieth bash, which is quite a shame. Video from that bonanaza is all over Youtube, and worth searching out, particularly a blazing "Scary Monsters" with Frank Black and "Hallo Spaceboy" with the Foo Fighters. For comic relief there are also a couple of songs with bald Billy Corrigan and the enthusiastically coiffured Robert Smith. Overall, a fun and joyful celebration.

Someday I'll write up some in-depth thoughts on The Thin White Duke, but today is just a birthday wish for Mr. Jones. Come celebrate the with me, and enjoy a song he willingly butchered for a few dollars in the movie Starship Troopers ("I have not been to Outer Space..."), but which, in its original form, was an anchor of the underrated Outside.

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